How to Enable Flash Player

How to Enable Flash Player on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera Internet Browser

If you are reading this article, I am sure that you are facing some issues. The game on our site is not loading for you. Well, this could happen for a couple of reasons. Some games are heavier in size, like 15MB, 20MB etc.. So you need to give enough time to load the game. If any of the game isn’t loading, that means the Flash Player may not be enabled on your Internet Browser. In this case, you must enable Flash Player on your internet browser to play Unblocked Games on our web pages.

How to enable Flash Player for Google Chrome?

Google Chrome comes with the flash player installed and enabled. So you don’t need to download anything. If you are using Google Chrome, it should work without any issue. You can still recheck whether Flash Player is enabled or not by following these steps;

  • Launch Google Chrome Browser and go to its Settings
  • Under Privacy Section, click on Content Settings

chrome content settings

  • Now select the option Allow Sites to Run Flash, and click on Done option


  • Restart the browser, and visit the game page again. The game should now load.

Please note that you can select Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash. However, it will always keep asking whether you want to run flash or not every time you visit a site. So it’s up to you what you want. You will get this option almost all the internet browser, and you can choose what you like. 

How to enable Flash on Safari (Mac Users Only)

  • Launch Safari Browser on Mac
  • Click on Safari Option in the menu bar
  • Select Preferences option
  • Now a window will open, you need to select Security tab, then click on Plug-in Settings. Make sure that Internet Plug-ins option is enabled


  • Now select Adobe Flash Player. Here you can manage what website can run Flash Player. If you don’t see Adobe Flash Player, you will have to install it first and restart Safari


Enable Flash For Mozilla Firefox

  • On Mozilla, click on Menu icon that is located on the top right corner. Then click on Add-ons option
  • Now select Plugins option
  • Please check if you see Shockwave Flash option. If it is not there, you will have to install it first. Search in Google “Flash for Firefox” and click on Adobe link and install
  • Once you get Shockwave Flash option, select it as Always Activate


Enable Flash for Opera

  • If you are using a Opera Browser, please download Flash Player if it is not already installed
  • Now go to Opera Settings/Preferences
  • Select Websites option
  • Now select Allow to run Flash


The best way

Use Google Chrome to avoid issues. Google Chrome is fast and it comes with pre-installed Flash Player. This is also the fastest browser you can get.