Super Smash Flash 1

Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash action game can be played by 2 players. You will have to use different controls depending on whether you are player 1 or player 2.

Player 1 can use “Arrow” keys to move, press “O” key to, and “P” to attack.

Player 2 needs to press “A” “S” “D” and “W” keys to move, “G” key to jump and “F” key to attack.

Note: You should make sure that local storage is enabled to play the game. You can check by right-click, select Settings, and click on the Folder icon. If the allow is ticked, you don’t need to do anything,  else tick allow option.

When the game starts, you need to choose the mode and then select the character to play the game. Super Smash Flash 2 can be played as single as well as multiplayer game.

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